10 Reasons To Use Instagram For Business


Today, every internet marketer agrees that Instagram has become the sweetheart of social media. There are many reasons behind this, as the platform has a record of 1 billion active users each month, and half of the users follow businesses.

Instagram has turned out to become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses seeking to improve their presence and visibility. Research has revealed that we have over 25 million Instagram business accounts. In addition to this, more than $7 billion was spent on Instagram marketing in 2019—this is a clear indication that your business uses Instagram for marketing purposes.

The following are 10 reasons why your business should use Instagram marketing

Many Online Users Are On Instagram

Statistics released in January 2019 revealed that Instagram ranked 6 in a study of the most used social media platforms across the world. According to Omnicore, 80% of the platforms 500 million daily users come from other parts of the world, other than the United States. Moreover, 35% of these users are millennials, while 37% check their news feed several times each day.

Instagram engagements are measures by comments, likes, and shares—all these cannot be avoided as Instagram has a score of 4.2%–which is 10 times higher compared to Facebook, 55 times higher when compared to Pinterest, and 85 times higher when compared to Twitter. This shows that Instagram has the highest visibility, which means businesses can make great returns so long as they have a dedicated Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Is Not For Specific Businesses

Some of the most popular household brands like Pepsi and Nike have managed to capitalize on the power of Instagram marketing for their business. In addition to this, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses have also succeeded using this platform. This is a clear indication that your business can thrive on Instagram.

Your Business Can Make Money Directly

One thing about Instagram is that it allows commercial posts that let a business to include tags to the items in their images with a link to the product description, price, as well as a “shop now” feature. This features redirects users to your online store, where they can make a purchase. According to Adweek, consumers have moved to social media platforms, where they look at their fellow consumers to assist them in making their purchasing decisions. Rather than looking at businesses, as they did in the past, consumers now look at each other, as well as at their preferred personalities.

Furthermore, statics have revealed that 72% of Instagram users make their buying decisions depending on a product that they saw while browsing on the platform. Therefore, if you haven’t incorporated Instagram on your social media marketing strategies, then you are missing out—a lot.

Hashtags Will Increase Your Visibility

As a new business, you can be easily intimidated by giants in your industry. However, you can easily separate your business from rest by using hashtags correctly. Basically, hashtags are the keywords that summarize the message that you’ve embedded on your Instagram post. If you own a small business, you may lack the strength of numbers like other major businesses do. However, you can easily find your way around the market by publishing, marketing, and encouraging people to share your products by using specific hashtags—also used by major businesses in your industry.

Allows You to Engage With Your Customers Effectively

It’s the desire of every brand to allow its customers to know about their existence, and also have they come back again. Social media platforms, particularly Instagram allow people to make their opinions known, and this is where they get their respect. Moreover, an average Instagram user wants to be allied with the best posts, as well as comment on and share their best post. Therefore, the more high-quality videos and photos you post as a business, the more likes you get—and this will increase your visibility to your target audience.

Moreover, your business can get more likes simply by capitalizing on Instagram nuances—this happens when you write compelling bios, provide links to the full competition, host giveaways and contests, optimize the use of emojis, using location-based tools to curate content from users.

Allows You to Monitor Your Competitors

With Instagram, you can easily monitor your competitors to see what they follow, how frequently they post their content, and how they interact with their followers. These insights can be very valuable when it comes to refining the marketing strategies of your brand.

Instagram Gives You the Opportunity to Be Creative

When you use Instagram as a marketing tool, you have an opportunity to prove to your audience that your brand has a personality. In addition, it becomes much easier for users to connect, order, book, and pay with your business.

Vivid images, competitions, shout outs, and interactive videos are different ways in which you can showcase your creativity. In addition, networking with bigger Instagram accounts in your industry is an amazing way to improve your network and also gain an organic following. Statistics released by Jumper Media revealed that when you collaborate with a 3 million follower account, your business can grow over 3,000 followers each week.

You Can Easily Partner With Influencers

Every social media platform has viewers and influencers. The influencers are celebrities, who are mostly online, and will promote a brand or product, and then boost it to become mainstream. An excellent Instagram influencer can take your marketing campaigns and sales to an unexpected level, allowing you to penetrate demographics that you wouldn’t normally reach, thus boosting your ROI.

Moreover, a recognized influencer can easily spread the word of your business to thousands of Instagram followers—and they only need a few posts to achieve this. However, you should always be careful of fake influencers—not every account and its followers are genuine.

Instagram Gives Your Followers a Better Picture of Your Business

With Instagram, you can easily show your customers the other side of your business. This platform has lots of pictures designed for a better audience connection—most of which allow you to make a long-lasting impression with live broadcasts and stories on the platform.

In addition to this, Instagram allows you to give your customers a behind-the-scenes insight of your business, organize a question and answer session with your audience, and also give them a better idea of your business operations. A visual feed allows your customers to see the difference and uniqueness of your business.

Trackable Performance

You can fine-tune your marketing plans through social listening and analytics—and this happens by identifying and monitoring your business’ best practice. The insights that you get from Instagram gives you an idea of when to post your content and the content that you should post.

Bottom Line

The number of Instagram users continues to grow every day—and that means failing to join this platform can cost you thousands of prospective customers you’d love to have.