27 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


We are going to show you how drive traffic to your website. Website traffic is an important indicator and also the key aspect of the growth of your business. The website traffic helps you to determine how well your marketing is and also lets you have insights on how your audience makes decisions. More website traffic means better SEO with good search engine credibility. 

Having high traffic will help you generate more leads and increase your overall customer base. Marketers know the pain of acquiring new customers and how many processes they have to initiate to get the traffic to their website. 

As per research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, over 61% of the content professionals are confused about what  the most important thing is to their clients. More than 50% of people do not know the goal of a client, and 49% of the people aren’t aware of the steps of the client journey. 

From writing a new blog to posting on social websites and strategizing the PPC campaigns, it’s sometimes difficult to check what’s driving the maximum traffic on your website. Even though you may have traffic on your site, the goal is always to keep the traffic growing.  

In doing so, you need efficient methods that will help you to achieve more traffic. So we’ve put together a list of the twenty-seven best ways that will help in enhancing the traffic on your website. 

Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Below given are some of the efficient ways that will help you achieve more traffic on your website. 

1. Creating Appropriate Content 

One of the most efficient ways of driving traffic to your website is by providing content that the reader is interested in. It is essential for you to know the personality of your protective clients in order to attract them to your products and services. 

Once you are familiar with your audience preference and shopping patterns, you can create suitable content for your customer. You can use the following process to make appropriate content for your audience. 

  • Identifying the Persona of your Buyer

Research about your buyer from their job types to the preferences about the products. You can use social media to know more about the audience.  

  • Conducting SEO Research

You need to use the right set of tools to understand the search queries of your buyers so that you can provide them with the needed content. 

  • Writing a Post 

You can make a post consisting of a different answer to the questions of your audience.

  • Publish 

Publish the written post on your blog or website. 

  • Promote

For generating traffic to your website, you need to promote the content that you created. You can post it on your social media accounts and send them through an email newsletter. The more the traffic on your website, the better rankings it will have in search engines. 

2. Expertise in the chosen topics

High ranking on Google search engine means that the organic traffic of your website will increase. 

Google prefers ranking websites higher that indicate authoritativeness in its content. Experts who have a better understanding of what their audience wants develops better content that Google always appreciates. 

To make your website authoritative, you need to first build a pillar page. A pillar page is a long blog post that covers all the different aspects of the topic. Then you further move on to cluster content which is the blogs dedicated to a particular topic. You can write the blogs containing long-tail keywords that will indicate that you have covered the topic in-depth. Focusing more on the difficult keywords helps in ranking the website higher in SERP. 

The best way to organize your content is to first focus on a generic topic and add relatable topics using the internal links. The organization of the content in this way helps in making the search engines crawl the data more easily and then ranking your websites better among the others. 

3. Paid advertisements can to drive traffic to your website

Paid advertisement is one of the most efficient ways of driving a high amount of traffic to your website. There are two types of ads that you can run on search engines, retargeting ads Or pay-per-click ads (PPC). When targeting social media, you can run sponsored posts or display ads. 

You need to create an effective strategy that consists of a combination of distinct advertisement types. As per the CMO survey, organizations are increasing their spending budget for advertisements by 62% in the coming five years.  

4. Organic social media can to drive traffic to your website


Social media is a fantastic platform that can be used in a great way to enhance the traffic on your website. Unlike traditional times, marketing has become easier now, and social media plays a significant role in doing so. 

The circle of social media has now widened, and you can use Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook to circulate the information you want to spread. This works successfully with organic social media, you need to be ahead of others in learning and using the latest features and how you can benefit from them. 

For example, Facebook has released an automated lead generation feature on its Messenger app that allows businesses to build an automated chatbot experience using the Messenger for linking content offers to their website. This feature will help generate good traffic on the website if used wisely. 

Also, it is essential that you create an overall strategy for different social media platforms and do not stick to a single platform. Youtube and Pinterest are two platforms that are often ignored, but they have a tremendous capability to generate high traffic.

Two things must be kept in mind while making your content SEO friendly. First is that you should never spam your audience as it irritates the user, which finally results in reducing your brand value.  

Secondly, make sure to always stay active with your community on social media. Users usually love when brands reply or comment on the user’s posts. It makes the customers come back again and again on your page. 

5. Analyzing the Website

The most important thing to consider before attracting traffic to your website is first analyzing it. It is extremely crucial to know about your audience and their expectations. There are many tools that can help you analyze your website, its health, and the content present on it. 

Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest are three workable tools that can be used to analyze the websites. The right analysis of your website helps you create appropriate content for the audience you are expecting. 

6. Contests and Giveaways

A simple yet efficient way to attract traffic to your website is by conducting contests and giving freebies to the consumers. This method is proven to provide a boost to the business, along with providing rewards to your customers. 

Giveaways can be specially hosted on social media or can be provided using your dedicated email list of customers. Follow the given steps to successfully implement this strategy:

  • Decide a platform for hosting. 
  • Choose a prize to be given (discount, free tickets, coupons, etc.).
  • Select the criteria for choosing the winners (website comments, email sign-ups, etc.)
  • Create an advertisement for the contest. 
  • Build graphics to support it. 
  • Post and promote advertisements. 

7. Influencers

Another significant way of driving traffic to your website is by taking the help of influencers. Youtube is one of the biggest sources that is entertaining over 1.3 billion people. Collaborating with Youtube influencers is extremely beneficial in attracting audiences at a high rate. These YouTubers have created a family-like culture, and when they promote a brand, most of their followers actively go for the suggested brand.

When Youtubers post discount coupons, reviews, and links of your website on their channel, the traffic skyrockets on your website. Remember customer recommendations through word of mouth is the best way to acquire new customers. 

8. Creating Email List 

A significant source of acquiring new clientele for your brand is through the current customers. There is always a reason why a customer is sticking to your brand. You need to make the customer realize that his decision is right, and they should refer more customers to your brand.  

Whenever you write a fresh blog post, promote it through your current subscribers and followers. It will help you achieve more traffic in less amount of time. 

You can use the following strategies for successfully implementing this technique. 

  • Create gated content with offers that is your audience will have to provide an email address to receive the offer. Also, include a call to action for your content on your website. 
  • Make sure to add sign-up forms on every page of your website. If the visitor has a pleasant experience on your website, they will surely sign up for your website. Also, make sure that the process is not complicated and easy to go through.
  • Create an email newsletter and start promoting it on your social media platforms. You can use contests or giveaways as a medium to promote the newsletter on social media. It will help you convert your current followers to subscribers. 


9. Engaging with Community 

The traffic on your website is highly related to the recognition of your brand among the masses. Therefore it is essential to create a good strategy to make people aware of your brand. The primary way of achieving brand recognition is by actively engaging in your community. 

You need to participate in various group discussions on social media about the topics of your industry. Help in providing answers to the questions of people on the public forums. Interact with people as much as you can as it helps to spread the name of your brand. 

10. Guest posting can to drive traffic to your website


Guest posts are another way of generating a good amount of traffic on your site. Guest posts make the customer feel that you are more active about your product and services and are willing to help the customers with their doubts. 

For working out the guest post strategy, the first thing is you need to find a website that is related to your industry. Then create a blog post that will help in answering questions to the customer search queries. Guest posts are a great way to attract an audience to your brand. 

You need to provide them with the information that is unique and beneficial for the user. Also, it is essential that the information you are inserting in your blogs is not repetitive of what is there on other sites. It should fill gaps in the content of other competitive articles rather than being redundant of the same information. 

11. On-Page SEO can to drive traffic to your website


On-page SEO is a crucial aspect of ranking your website higher on the SERP. It is a great way of bringing a high amount of traffic to the website. The most important SEO elements on a webpage are page title, meta description, header, URL, and the image alt-text. 

If you optimize these elements with the right keywords, they can helps your website rank higher in the organic results of the search engine. On-page SEO is needed for the growth of a website and should never be ignored if you want to achieve good results. 

12. Quality Backlinks can to drive traffic to your website


Google loves authority websites as they are a reliable source of information and make Google looks good to the users. Therefore, it is important that your website is considered as an authority website by Google and other search engines. 

In order to achieve the website authoritativeness, a significant way is to acquire quality backlinks. When websites having high authority adds links to your website, your credibility is positively affected. 

The two primary ways through which backlinks helps in achieving traffic to a website are:

  • Boosting the Rankings

Backlinks are the most important elements that can boost the rankings of a website on a search engine by a significant margin. Make sure to create a strategy that will help you to achieve high-quality backlinks from authority websites. It will have a good impact on your website ranking and help to achieve more organic traffic. 

  • Referral Traffic

Backlinks have the power to drive a considerable amount of referral traffic. The catch is that the backlink to your website should be available on a page that is already ranking high. News websites are one of the simplest ways of doing that. Websites containing news have high rankings compared to any other webpages. By including a link on quality news websites, you can divert plenty of traffic to your page.

13. Marketing Through Video

Videos have created a separate market for themselves, and it is essential for you to know how to use them to your benefit. Your content strategy must include video marketing. As per a report given by CISCO, videos will generate over 82% of the traffic on websites by 2022. 

Therefore, if you haven’t included video marketing in your content strategy yet, start doing it ASAP to channelize the traffic to your website. The first step to implement video marketing is by creating videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, IGTV, and other popular video platforms. 

14. Content Repurposing

The biggest challenge that marketers face while promoting their brand is the consistent need to get new content. Although it depends upon the type of niche you are working in. Sometimes, it becomes a struggle to come up with new and effective ideas. 

A good way to overcome this problem is by using the content that you have added earlier into some other format and make it run on your website. Use information from a blog-post that is ranked high and using that information, create a video, and post it one all your sources. It will definitely help you attract large traffic on your website.   

15. SEO Tools

SEO tools are the most beneficial set of tools that every marketer must know. These tools are highly effective and can help you raise the traffic level of your website in a remarkable way. The most popular SEO tools are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Ubersuggest. All these tools are great in developing a strategy through which traffic can be generated on your website. 

These tools provide you the insights on what is and what is not working on your website. They help in analyzing the website’s health and also provide various content ideas that will help you achieve high traffic. 

16. Historical Optimization

One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers do is forget about the content they posted a while ago. They use all their time to execute new strategies and make new content. However, an efficient method to attract new viewers to your website is by updating the old content and making it more informative. 

A high number of blog views and leads can be generated using this method. This strategy works best for the posts that are on the website for years and have a good amount of organic traffic. Historical optimization can be used as a method to attract the audience to the website, but the overall strategy can not be based on this single method. 

17. Voice Search Optimization can help to drive traffic to your website


The fundamental rule of making your website SEO friendly is to be present where the audience needs you. You need to research and analyze the requirements of audiences on what they are searching for. 

Voice searching mechanism is becoming more and more prevalent now. Hence, it provides you with a wonderful opportunity to make your content optimized for voice commands. Below given are the few tips that can help you do that. 

  • Research for long-tail keywords

People speak full sentences while searching using voice commands. Therefore make sure to research and add long-tail keywords in your content. 

  • Optimizing for snippets

Virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa try to find short and precise answers. Adding an accurate meta description and a brief summary in your blog posts makes it easier for search engines to get the answers they need. 

  • Answer focused content

Make sure the content must be answering the questions to your audiences in a simple and brief way. 

18. Local SEO can help to drive traffic to your website

If you run an offline store, then optimizing the local SEO can be of great significance for you. When a person puts a query for a local search, the search engines collect the information using citations, local content, links, social profile pages to provide the best results to the user. 

There are tools such as Moz Local and Google My Business that helps in managing the directory listing and citations. Using these tools, you can make your website appear at the higher rank on SERP. 

Make sure of the following things to rank better for the local search:

  • Remember to keep the name, phone number, and address consistent on all your Google and social media pubic pages. 
  • Make use of the directory management tools to make your directory listings better. 
  • Try to use location-based search terms as they are excellent in providing efficient search results to the user based on their specific region. 

19. A/B Testing

Testing is an essential part of advertising campaigns. Nothing becomes successful in one shot, and you need to test out all your strategies multiple times to see which one works the best. A/B Testing is a technique used for finding out which version of your campaigns provides the best results. 

The test provides you with insights and information about your viewers so that you can update the content according to their requirements. Crazy Egg, Omniconvert, and Optimizely are some of the efficient A/B testing tools. 

20. Internal Linking

Internal links are helpful in the ranking parameters of search engines and therefore, should be wisely used. The goal of internal linking is to make the reader crave for more information and hence providing it through internal links. A person who spends more amount of time on your website is more likely to convert on the deal. Internal linking can be achieved using multiple techniques. A pillar and cluster model is one of the efficient methods to achieve successful internal linking. It helps in linking the pages back and forth that boosts the credibility of the website on search engines. 

21. Technical SEO  

The backend of your website plays an equally important role in optimizing the content as the front end of the website. It helps in technically setting up and organizing the pages. Page speed, indexing, crawling, etc. are the key elements of technical SEO. Some of the tips to optimize your technical SEO efficiently are given down below: 

  • Building XML sitemaps for the subdomains. 
  • Create language meta tags. 
  • Fix redirects and broken links. 
  • Create a header and introductions for your pages. 

22. Building the Community

Community building is considered one of the smartest ways to conduct your business. When people start identifying themselves with your brand, your websites earn itself constant traffic. This traffic further promotes the brand and helps in broadening your brand community. 

You can create a group for chatting and informative purposes on social media and promote your brand. Make sure the motive of the group is to create value for the customers and also promote the brand simultaneously. 

The community group is a great way of engagement between the customer and yourself. The customer feels a sense of attachment through the group and ends up promoting the brand. 

23. Content Offers

Content offers are also known as lead magnets and are used to attract the audience with a specific set of offers for specific users. Content offers are provided looking at the stage at which a buyer has reached. 

For example, a new user is provided with low value offers as compared to a well-established user having more knowledge about your products and services. Webinars, reports, guides, trials, checklists, demos, and more can be added to the content offers. 

24. Media and Public Relations

When media starts covering your product, services, or brand, it means that you are growing as an organization. Using media coverage, brand awareness can be hugely enhanced. When your public relation and marketing teams work together, they efficiently provide solutions to customers creating a good brand value. 

Media coverage is an excellent source to provide third-party validation to your company. Creating stories about the products and services of your company, the work culture, and even the industry can entice readers to learn more about your organization and finally drive traffic to the website. 

25. Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons play a crucial role in your webpages and must be included at the footer of all the pages of your website. It helps your readers to share the content with ease on their social media pages that are helpful in enhancing the traffic on your website. 

You can ask visitors to share your content using the following ways:

  • By asking them to share blogs on social media. 
  • Including quotable content. 
  • Creating a strong content. 
  • Add infographics, images, and videos on the content. 

26. Optimizing the Click Through Rate

When you have successfully posted a blog on your website, and it has started to rank in the search engine, then it is the right time to pay detailed attention to it. CTR (Click Through Rate) is a way to measure the number of people who clicked on your post against the people who only viewed the link. 

It helps you to analyze how many people are really reading the content you post. Google Search Console is a magnificent tool to measure the organic CTR of your website. You can use the following ways to increase your CTR:

  • By writing engaging and compelling meta descriptions and titles. 
  • By creating quality meta tags for the content. 
  • Make sure the title of your blogs are short and creative. 
  • Adding relevant and attractive images in the snippet. 

27. Educational Content

Educational content is a traffic attracter in the SEO industry and can positively impact the traffic of your website. You can create certifications, courses, and educational posts that are beneficial for the audience. It will help in driving a good amount of traffic on the website. Remember to add videos, images, and engaging content for the readers on the blogs that you post. 

Wrapping Up

Every website struggles to get the traffic to their website at some point. This does not mean the site is not good or helpful for the users. Instead, it means that more efforts are required to make the content available to the users. 

All the above-given methods are proven to enhance the traffic level of websites. Therefore use these methods to drive high traffic on your website and then go to the next step of getting conversions from the traffic.