9 High Paying Online Jobs – Best Work From Home 2020


There are a lot of online jobs that you can work upon today. The Gig Economy is all abuzz today. Today we are going to talk about some good online paying jobs that only a few people talk about. 

And these are not your typical jobs like being a virtual assistant or working as a freelance writer. These are the less talked about jobs. 


But, yes there is a but. These are not easy to do jobs. To complete them you may need some kind of experience and also be able to understand the scope of the job. You may have previous experience in these jobs or you may be a fresher. 


Let’s Begin… 9 high Paying Online Jobs:


  • Affiliate Marketer Manager: Well, this is not about becoming an affiliate marketer. No, you won’t be doing any selling or making promotional stuff and all that. This is about managing the affiliate marketing of the programs. 



This is what you will be doing. Assume that a person has his own affiliate marketing program. Wherein that person or organization allows other affiliates to work from their program. 


They may also have some niche courses that focus on teaching people about affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketing manager, your job will be to handle the affiliates, pay them, keep up with the contacts with the affiliates and so on.


And when you think about it, there isn’t a big load of experience needed for this kind of job. You are just acting as a customer support service for an already up and running affiliate program. 


Where to find such jobs: 

Well, you have Fiverr, Upwork and Munchi.com (prefer this one). Munchi.com is a better option because when the affiliate marketers start their programs, they enlist them on Munchi. 

The programs that have a Joint Venture Page will also enlist their team. And you can actually check out the existing team. In that, if you do not see anyone working as an Affiliate Marketing Manager, there you go. That is your chance. Contact them and you may get a chance to land that job.                                  



YouTube Comment Manager or Moderator:

Yes, this job profile also exists. And if you already knew that it exists, you must not be knowing that you actually can get paid for it. 



But, what does a Youtube Content Manager does? Big youtube channels or players get a lot of spam comments. And I guess you have understood the rest. 


No, this is a mundane or a very taxing job. But, all you need to do is go through the comments and delete the spam material. 


Some videos get more spam than actual comments that people share themselves. And this is a full time paying job if you could land the right client. 


How to get the job?

The simplest way is to drop a cold email to the big Youtube channels. Ask them that if they any help in removing these spam comments. And if they are someone who is frustrated by these comments will certainly ask you to help them. 

Other than this, you can always use Fiverr or Upwork to approach the right clients. 



Sales Funnel Builder:

Yes, you will need some expertise in this field. Building a sales funnel is a complex task, but it is a high paying job. Your job wil be to build landing pages for people and businesses. 



It may also include tasks like building landing pages, product sales funnels, and other such things. On average, you can earn up to $2000 to $3000 per week. On the higher end, you can also earn $10,000 per week. 


Either people do not know how to build them or they don’t have enough time to build these sales funnels. However, you will need to learn stuff and things like using WordPress, Kajabi, Clickfunnels and all that. 


But, once you have learned them and got an understanding of it, all you need to do is implement what you have learned and start earning money. 

How to find jobs?

Well, here too platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can come to your rescue. But, you may send cold emails to experts and famous marketers and online gurus. They have a lot of work. So, even if they have one or two guys already working for them in this profile, they may be looking to hire more. 



Email Marketing Manager:

Easy to learn and easy to do. This online job involves managing, monitoring, and creating email campaigns. The best part is that you can learn everything about email marketing online. 



Just learn the basics first and if you already are aware about the basic concepts, go a bit further and learn some advanced strategies to create email campaigns. 


Just like all the other jobs listed above, this is a full time and a high paying job. Big marketers who have a lot of businesses and ventures to run will need the assistance of email marketing managers to take care of the emails and everything related to these campaigns. 

How to get this job?

Well, you can try Upwork, Fiverr and again the cold email method to help you find such jobs. 



Pinterest Manager:

Pinterest is quickly gaining importance in today’s business world. There are a lot of things that are going on the web. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, everywhere there is content and a lot of it too. 



So, a Pinterest Manager will be looking after the pins, postings, publishing and linking back to stuff. 


The job consists of making pins on Canva.com, adding the created images to Pinterest and linking them back to the required websites or platforms. It can be Youtube, a blog, a Facebook Page, an Affiliate bridge page, landing page, and whatnot. 


In this job, you may also need to take prerogative and give suggestions for what kind of posts and pictures you can post for your client. You may need to explore the Youtube pages, the blogs and everything else to give these suggestions. 


Landing the job of a Pinterest Manager: 

Well, Pinterest managers can only get work from those people who are running the kind of blogs that are best for a certain audience group. More importantly, that segment of the audience must also be present on Pinterest. 


One such targeted audience is the mothers. So, you can easily approach those bloggers or Youtuber channel owners who are sharing content that is related to mothers. 


Yes, platforms like Upwork and Fiverr may work. But in this case, it is best to approach the people who run these blogs directly via email. So, first you have to find such blogs, check whether or not they have a Pinterest presence. 


If yes, check whether they are active or not. If not, approach them and tell them that they are missing out on the Pinterest potential and that you can help them gain more audience. 



Proofreader and Editor:

Well, not everybody is an English Mozart. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write or present engaging and interactive content. Moreover, there may be a lot of mistakes that any other writer can miss or may not know about. 



As a proofreader or editor, you can offer your services to these people and help them produce error-free and interactive books or ebooks. But, the most important reason to hire people to do this kind of work is that the writers do not have enough time to edit or proofread their own content. 


So, that is where you come in and help them in these kinds of tasks. 


How to get it?

Well, there is a website named Scribe Writing. Here you can find projects posted by existing writers who want your help to edit or proofread their books. 


This is a big industry and there are a lot of jobs posted on a daily basis on platforms like Upwork. Seriously, if you are good at what you do, there is a big market out there. Just go and grab your opportunities right now. 



Drop Servicing:

Drop servicing is an offshoot of drop shipping. The only difference is that, in this, you will be selling digital products. 


Do you know what 48 hours is? Well, this is a designing and creative website that connects people. For instance, if a company wants to make a logo for their business and they are willing to pay $200 for it. And there you are without any knowledge about how to make a logo. 


What you can do is get the requirements, take them to another person on Fiverr or say Upwork too. And you offer the $100 or even $150. And after the work is done, you forward the finished design to the client. 


So essentially what you are doing is becoming a middleman and earning money. Moreover, you are dropping service from one corner to another and back to the original corner. Hence, the name Drop Service. 



Naming Companies:

Yes, it is a job too and a good paying one. So, if you are pretty good at thinking of innovative names, this job is for you. 



There are platforms like Squad help and you can find others on the web. On these websites, the companies put up their requirements and ask the members to give them names. 


This is like a competition. So, you will have to work to get your name selected to earn something. What do you think is the price for such a job? Sure, it is not a constant earning job. But, if you are good at it and have been winning competitions, you can earn money. Companies are ready to pay up to $500 for a single name. So, think about it!



Web Search Evaluator:

Well this is good and a unique thing to do. Although this is a very simple job. A web search evaluator or reviewer’s job is to go on the web, search for a term and check whether or not the search results are of good quality or not. Yes, that is the job profile. 



And you will be hired by Google and other search engines to do this kind of job. The motive is that these search engines want to ensure that the users get quality and authentic search results. 


For example, you go on to Google and search for something like “How to wash my car for best results”. Now the search scope has to be limited to results that talk about how to wash a car. 


But instead of these relevant results, if the user is getting results that talk about the best dog breeds or the best cars to buy in 2020, that won’t do. 


The search intent simply does not match here. These are the kind of mistakes that you would be figuring out. 


And quite honestly, you don’t need to be an expert in it or take any kind of course for this job. All you need to have is a working internet connection, a laptop, and common sense. 


Getting these kinds of jobs:

Well, there are various ways in which you can get a job as a Web Search Evaluator. Basically, there are a few websites that you can visit. There is Appen Butler Hill, which is a company that hires search engine evaluators who can work from home. 


Other than this, there is another website named Lions Bridge offering similar job roles. These are big online job provider companies and sometimes they do have openings for a web search evaluator. 


And Google gets billions of searches on a daily basis and they do need people who can review the search results. So, they hire quite a lot of people to do this job.



So, here are the best and unheard of online jobs that will get you quite a good amount of money every week. Now it all depends on your skills level and bidding skills. If you are short on some skills, get to learning. There are a lot of online courses that will help you become an expert at the desired skills. 


The sphere of online jobs is ever expanding. And if you want to get some work start hustling today.