Click! And you have earned $500 for the day


Reading the title you must be wondering what kind of work is this, where I am going to get $500 for just clicking on my mouse? Well, don’t worry! That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. 

And do you know what’s even better, that you don’t have to spend a single penny to start earning? No, you read it right. You can earn a lot of money, just by sitting at your home and pasting links.


Enough of the mystery, let’s get straight to the point. 


Are you ready?


This is a commission-based job. You will need to promote some products or ads and earn a commission out of it. It is as simple as it gets. 


There is no secret recipe to making money. No, there isn’t. If you need to make some money, you need to work for it. The extent of that work may depend, but you do need to spend some time on a job, do some tasks, perform some actions, talk a little, search, think, react, focus, concentrate, and whatnot. 


But, this method only requires two things. A smart device (tablet, phone, or your laptop) and a working internet connection. 


Here it comes….

Step 1: There is a website called There are two versions of this website, one is the Free classified ads forum and the other is Internet Marketing Forum. Once you open up the website, click on the left-hand side link, the Free classified Forum link ( the one in the blue). 


Click here and go to “Register a Free Account”. You will end up on a new window. Fill in the details and sign up on the website. You are going to get an email on your email address for activation. 


Open your mail, click on the link and you will end up back on the home page all ready to start making some money. 


Step 2: All setup. Well, now you need to go to a new tab and open Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform that enlists offers and product recommendations that you can promote to help businesses generate some sales. The more sales coming through your link, the higher will be your commission. 


So, if you already have a Clickbank account, it’s awesome. If not, then you can do one instantly and that too for Free. 


And you need to make an account just on Clickbank. There are many alternatives to Clickbank. Check on Google to know about similar websites to Clickbank.  


For this article, we are going to take Clickbank as the primary example. So, when you have made an account, locate and click on Marketplace. A page will open. On the left-hand side, there are a few categories listed, go to “E-Business and E-Marketing”. 


Now, once you are in. Again, look on the left-hand side of the web page and there are few scale bars. There is Gravity, Avg Sale, Initial Sale and so on. 


Got it?


Next, you need to increase the Avg Sale bar all the way to the top. The reason for this is that you would want to promote products that provide the highest commission. 


And there are products here that can get you around $900 in commission. Yes, all you need to do is help the business in making a single sale and $900 is all yours. 


Also, some high commission products have their own affiliate links and programs. That is why it is best to leave them for later. 


But, in the beginning, it is suggested that you choose a product with a lower commission, just to learn some things. Once you get a hold over the process, you can promote any kind of product that you like. 


So, if you click on another product link that has a lower commission, you will be redirected to a page. Here, there is no need to fill out your Tracking ID, all you need to do is click on “Generate Hoplinks”. 

Step 3: Ok, so you have the product, you have the link. Now it is time to create your own ad (don’t worry, it’s free). On homepage you will see a link on the top right-hand side of the page named “Publish your ad for free”. The one in the red. Yes.


Click on it and you will be able to make your own ad. Select the Category, Write the Title (make is a good one) and add a description. 


Now, the description has to be simple, informative and yet provide value to the user. It needs to be attractive and catchy. The user should be able to understand and be convinced at the same time that this product is what they need. 


So, after you have written an awesome description, try adding an image too. Images get much more attention than simple texts.


Next, there are various columns that you may need to check out. In them, it is essential to put in the Country, State, and City. The motive is to narrow down the outreach of your ad. 


You can create multiple ads for each city if you like. All you need to do is create a set of ads with the same content (if you want) and make them ready to post. But, do not post them just yet. Wait! We are left with an important step, the one that will get you the money. 


Step 4: After you have made the ad, what you would want to do is get the hoplink that we have generated in the previous step. Remember? Yes, get that hop link, shorten it and then paste in your ad description. 


To shorten the link you can use several online tools like TinyURL, cutly, etc. Once it is cut short, visit the ad description and paste the link there. 


You can add a couple of words before the link. For instance, “Join here” or “Visit here” or, “Are you Ready” and so on. It depends on the product or the service that you are looking to buy. 


In the columns where you had mentioned the city and location, below that you will find another column named “Please Visit our Website”. You can place the link there too. 


Step 5: Done with it? Awesome! 


In the next step, all you need to do is hit “Publish” at the end of the page. Before that, you may be prompted to spend some money and upgrade your ad to premium or highlight it for 90 days. 


Yes, we have been talking from the beginning that this method is free. And it is. You can publish the ad for free. Just select the last option out the 5 that are given at the end of the page and you are good to go. 


For the time being, you should stick to the free version and see how it goes. 


So, once you have hit Publish, the ad will go for a review. And it will only take a couple of minutes for the moderators to check the ad and approve. Once it is checked and approved, you are going to get an email. 


In that email, you are also going to get a live link to your ad. You can click on it and check how your ad looks like when it is posted live on the website. 


That’s all you need to do. The secret recipe to make money from your home, without working for hours and hours altogether. Just a simple click and type method and you are set to make some good money. 


Here’s another good tip:

To generate even more sales and get more traffic on your ad, you may need to learn a few things about the sales funnel and collect emails. This method will help you generate even more sales as you may be able to send customized emails to the users for better outreach and increase your sales potential. 



So, this is one good and a free method to start making money online. Don’t get confused by the number of ads that you see on these platforms that are already published. 


You can still make good money, as these websites get a lot of visitors on a daily basis. It is also a good method to post these ads on social media and get more people to view your ads. Because if more people will be viewing it, the chances to make that sale will also be higher.