Grow Your Income In A Week


Now that you have got a fair idea about affiliate marketing and how to earn up to $200 every day from Affiliate Marketing. Let’s get into some more detail and take the affiliate marketing strategy to the next level. 

You must have learned about how to divert people from the web towards your affiliate offer. While this is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing, the ways to divert this traffic also matters. 


One way to do it and it is a pretty advanced tactic, where you need to build a bridge page. And a bridge page can have anything from a quiz to a survey to anything else. 


The Purpose of a Bridge Page:

A bridge page is needed to collect user information. Mostly, this information relates to basic user information like email, name, etc. More importantly, this bridge page is essential when you are looking to scale up things. 


A basic affiliate marketing strategy does require you to connect the users directly to your affiliate offer. But increasing the scale and intensity will require you to have a bridge page. 


Going forward in this excerpt we will be talking about making some quiz pages and what kinds of quiz pages can you set. 


When we talk about scale, we are also thinking long term. Like we want to build a rapport with the customers. A long-standing relationship that lasts for months and years altogether. 


The motive of all this, you may ask: Well, it will be helpful to promote products horizontally or vertically. 


This means that you can send them offers for similar products or some new products. Basically, you would want to interact continuously with the customers and give them the new products and offers to explore. 


Think of it as a cycle. If you want to keep making money, you need to keep promoting products. More promotions, higher chances to earn money. 


Why should you read everything that is said in this article? 

Well, that whatever you will read here is not something that will burn out quickly. It is a long term strategy and together we are going to learn it step by step. So, it continues till the end. 


Now, let’s talk about the products first. Clickbank is a good platform to get product offers that you can promote from your affiliate network. 


For that, all you need to do is sign up on Clickbank. After signing up, you can go forward in two ways. One is by choosing products that don’t have a higher gravity rate and the other which don’t have that much gravity rate. 


Understand that the products with high gravity ratings are also promoted by other users. And some are also running advertisements for them. 


There is no such thing that products with lower gravity shall not be promoted. No, that is not the case. These products can get your earning, but what matters is the way you choose to promote them. 


Pro Tip: When you are promoting a product with SEO strategies, go for low gravity products. And use advertising for high gravity products. 


Let’s take an example here:

After signing up for Clickbank, you will have to choose a product that you can promote. For better results, you will have to choose an offer that can be promoted through different channels. 


Like there are different ways:

  • Emails
  • Ad Copies
  • Facebook
  • PPC
  • Landing Pages
  • Banner Ads
  • Quiz Pages (this is important)


What’s a Quiz Page?

Among all the other bridge pages, the quiz page is one of the best bridge pages that you can use here. A quiz essentially has a set of questions having multiple answers. Now the users can answer these questions and at the end of the quiz, they are directed to visit an affiliate link. 


Clickbanks has an integrated version of the Clickfunnels. For creating a quiz page, you can use Clickfunnels. And no, it is not essential to use click funnels, you can use any other tool to create such a funnel. 


But if you are using click funnels, all you need to do is import a template and start editing it with content and pictures. Remember that, on the last page of the quiz. Typically there are 7 pages, which means you need to put up 7 different questions for the user. 


Adding another dimension to the offer:

Now that you have got an understanding of the quiz pages, let’s add another page to the promotion. An Ad page. 


So, now it ll be like, first we will send the user to the ad, from the ad to the quiz and then from the quiz to the affiliate link. 


It is a process and you need to make sure that the ads and the quizzes are in sync with each other. 


Pro Tip: Once you have gathered the contact information of the users, you can also send them emails about the products and offers. 


On Clickbank, you will find products that have premade email sequences and quiz templates that you can use to send them to the users. And this is one of the reasons why Clickbank is a good platform to start your affiliate marketing business. 


More importantly, you need not use Active Campaign or Mailchimp to send and track the email progress. You can use Clickfunnels inbuilt email feature to send them across. 


Affiliate Links on Pinterest:

One issue that the novice marketers often face is banning of their affiliate links. There are two major reasons why your affiliate links get banned. 


  • You are using the wrong link
  • You are not using the Bridge page. 


Basically, Pinterest does not allow affiliate links. So, there it is. You cannot directly add affiliate links to the Pinterest pages. 


Creating good and click-worthy ads:

For creating ads you can use different tools and software. And creating ads must be simple. You don’t need to be an expert at Photoshop, just some basic skills and an understanding of will be enough. 


Also, create multiple ads for the same bridge page. Because some ads will perform better than others. So, you wouldn’t want to miss any user from redirecting to your bridge page. 


On Canva you will also get Pinterest’s own templates. So, you won’t have to struggle with the dimensions and all. Just choose a premade template and do the changes that you want in your ad. 


Make your advertisement attractive. Do some variations. Try some new things. Add, edit or delete. Do whatever you need to do to make sure that your ads are clickable. 


Getting down to business:

Now that you have your ad, bridge page and affiliate link ready, it is time to create a Pinterest account and get down to business. 


You cannot create ads on Pinterest with a private account. For that, you need to create a business account. Even if you have a previous private account, you can convert it to a business account or simply you can make a new business account. 


Pro Tip: If you want to know what types of ads are running on Pinterest you can check the existing running ads on BigSpy. It shows all kinds of ads that are currently running on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatnot. However, it is a paid tool. 


Creating an ad on Pinterest is simple. What you must do is go to Create Ad. Name your Campaign and select the interests. These are the interests that pertain to your ad niche and not the customer targeting a niche. 


Is putting Keywords in these ads important?

No, they are not super important. The only thing that you will get with putting in keywords is a reduced audience share as compared to what you will get when not putting in any keyword. 


Simple selecting the required interests will be enough to get your ads up and running. It will have the potential to reach out to a huge number of Pinterest users. 


Going further, you will have to select the Gender, Age, and Location. Now, all these things matter in marketing. The more targeted the ad is, the better are the chances to attract some audience. 


Identify for which gender and age group, your product is better related to.


After that, you will have to select the daily budget and the location. You can select some countries or a few States in a country. It all depends on you and with whom you want to promote your affiliate product. 


Pro Tip: Set the budget to more than $10, always. 


When you publish the ad or the Pin (in this case), add the image, give it a title and then add the destination link. Also, make sure that the destination link is not cut short. Use the raw and complete link to the ad. 


You will get the raw link from the dashboard where you created the 7 step quiz. 


Why is Pinterest a good and better option to run ads?

Well, if you check the promotional tactics and strategies that are shared on the product pages shared on the affiliate websites you won’t find anything about Pinterest. 

Basically, people are missing on the huge potential offered by Pinterest. First up, there aren’t many marketers using this platform. Secondly, there is a huge untapped customer base who use Pinterest on a daily basis. 


And platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already saturated with expert marketers who are using them. And they are successful, no doubt. But for a beginner, these platforms are a bit complex to understand and progress. 


So, in this scenario, Pinterest gives you a jump over the others who are not yet very confident about Pinterest or they have no interest in using it.