How To Make Money On Autopilot


Money on Autopilot! Seems strange, but it’s True.

Money does not come out of the blue. You need to hustle, work for it and more importantly work smartly to earn money. Well, when it comes to hustle and hard work, that is all on you. But when it comes to smart work, this article will help you. 


No, this is not like the usual stuff that you have read, seen or heard before. This is Brand NEW!


You don’t need to learn to write some content, there are no social media skills needed, it is, easy, accessible, and universal. So, what is it then? 


Well, that is what we are going to be discussing now. So, let’s begin. 


This is how you make money online, the Easy Way

You may have heard about a lot of websites that can help you earn some money online. And all these websites do work, they may not work for everybody, but they work provided you know how to use them optimally. 


It is highly unlikely that you have previously heard of the websites we are going to be discussing here. These are 2 brand new websites that will help you make some money. 


Step 1: 

Go on Google and try to find a good article about a topic that has a higher relevance. No, we are not going to rewrite this article, don’t get any ideas. 


What we are going to do is help people find their way to this article and that is what will get you money. 


So, the first thing that you need to do is find a good article. It can be anything. Something like: 

  • How to lose weight
  • How to earn money online
  • How to impress a girl
  • Repairing my car


And so on… 


These are some good topics that you can choose as your first article to start making money. 


So go on to Google and type in the keywords: “How to make money online”. You will get a whole lot of results. I just did it and do you want to know the total number of results, 5,800,000,000. 


Yes, Google has these many results that talk about earning money online either directly or indirectly. So, once you have got your results, you need to choose an article. Now the article you choose totally depends on you. But it is recommended that you choose the ones which are published on good platforms. 


It can be Forbes or any other authority website. Remember that it does not necessarily have to be Forbes. So, go on and select your article. Don’t worry about the niche, you can find an article on any niche that you like. Food, car, finance, health, designing, and whatnot. 


Just find an article. 


Step 2: 

Got your article?




Now, go to a website, Here you will find written that you can earn $220/10000 views. Let me tell you what it is. 

Basically, what happens is that the links that you have selected, these websites are going to pay some money to run ads on their platform. And when the viewers click on these pop-up ads, you will get a commission. 


And the best way to get people to click on these ads is by sharing this article with a huge number of people. More the clicks, the higher will be the chances to earn money out of this method.


Before moving forward, what you need to do is shorten the link. So paste the larger link on the bar that is in front of you. And click on the arrow. has a lot of different offers. They have pay rates segmented on the basis of different countries. For instance, in Greenland, you can get $22 per 1000 views. In the USA, the money you can earn per 1000 views is $10, so on and so forth.


But, how can you get so many clicks? You may not have a huge social following, or do you? Well, if not, then you must check out the next step. 


Step 3:

Once you have shortened the link, open it on Google. 


You will see a captcha, a couple of ads, and then it takes around 5 seconds for the link to open up. And that is it. 


This is all that you must do to start earning money. Once you have got your link, then you need to make sure that a lot of people open it. 


To do that, there are a couple of other websites that you need to check out. and 


Once you got them opened, search for Instagram Shoutout on the search page and you will get various offers from different users. Basically these are the accounts that have a lot of followers on Instagram. 


And those who are offering you such a huge viewership will need some money to help you get the required number of views. And they won’t cost too much. Like right now I am getting an offer to promote this link to 500k followers for only $10. 


Think about it, if out of these 500k, even 10k users open up the article link, you are going to get $220. 


Similarly, you will get shoutout offers on too. Get some offers like promoting your link to 310k followers for just $15. And there are a lot of other influencers who are ready to help you bring in more audience. 


On, you can also select the channels on which you can send the links. There is Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or even Tiktok. More importantly, you can also select the categories of pages. 


For instance, there is a category Food and Nutrition wherein you will be able to get more narrowed results for an article that talks about weight loss. 


Understand that this type of money-making technique is scale-oriented. More the followers who can interact with your link, better are the prospects of earning money. 


So, this is basically a few bucks that you are going to spend and get to earn a lot of money. It is easy, simple, straightforward, and can be done from anywhere, anytime. 



In the end, it must be said that the internet is a huge marketplace where you can buy or sell anything. Take this method, we are basically selling an article link that is not written by you or me, we both do not own the website, we do not have any Instagram following. Basically all you need to have is a computer, 10 bucks, and the skill to choose a clickable article. That’s it and you will be on your way to earning some quick money.