How to Promote Your Local Business


After starting a business, the owner always finds out ways to get more and more customers to interact with them. And why shouldn’t they? After all, you have opened a business and what else you can do but get more customers. 

To acquire more customers, you need to promote your business. Let the people know that you have opened up a business. But how can you do that? Let’s discuss some methods:


Online Local Advertising:

When it comes to local advertising, you need to use such practices and strategies that attract local customers via online methods. In this, you must utilize the power of social media boasted by the SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. 

Hubspot’s local marketing and advertising tools that help leverage the best of local advertising by writing effective ad copies for the local audience is one method to realize this potential. 

Local advertising means that you can choose a particular location in your region to show your ads. You can set preferences as per the zip codes of the city. The benefit of this targeted advertising is that you will be able to attract specific customers who have a keen interest in your product or service. 

More important than the local region selection is the use of the right keywords. A person living Cincinnati won’t be looking for a salon in Findlay or Fremont. That is why the usage of keywords like “unisex salon in Cincinnati” will get you a higher share of the traffic than Fremont, in that specific region. 

To know which keywords are more popular or trending, you can use Google Trends. It will help you understand which keywords are more popular and in which region, so that you can make a better selection. 

You will have to learn to play with the words. You must write in a manner that is both attractive and catchy to the audience. 


Blog Writing:

This is a long term exercise and you will have to work on it consistently. Blog Writing will help you build organic traffic that is targeted towards the local audience.

A blog section on your website will help you generate a rapport with the local audience and help the customers know about your services. And blogging is super important for your SEO. 

Good SEO means that you will also start ranking higher on the Google SERPs. All of this is to ensure that you get a larger chunk of the potential leads. 

Start building your blog to raise brand awareness. Rank on the local keywords and create the right type of content that attracts your audience. And it is not essential to write content that is directly related to your business.

To further get more attention you can also write about local guides. For instance, the best places to eat, roam, travel, dine, play, and whatnot. 


Post to your Local Social Media Handle:

There is enough that you can do with your local advertising strategy. Start posting on your social media to attract the local audience. 

Stress on your social media strategy. Write relevant content on more than one platform to convey your message. Develop a social media strategy. Share your blogs on these pages. Create new graphics. 

In the end, you must create appealing content for your audience. Hashtags, how can you forget them? The cute little (#) has made a huge difference in the scale of content engagement. 


Being active on social media is also beneficial for your overall rankings and popularity. The businesses which are more active on social media are easier to find. 


Use Online Directories:

Online directories are one of the most important tactics to increase your local presence. They help you promote business by helping the local residents to find your business. 

There are various online directories including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, and others. And if you do not like to switch between all of them, just use Moz Local. It will help you manage all these platforms from a single dashboard. 

The benefit of using a data aggregator is to maintain a sync of information provided across different channels. Sharing information on different platforms individually can lead to some inconsistency. Sometimes, you may not be able to change your address or phone in one directory. This can confuse the readers and lead to a loss of potential clients. 

More importantly, these online directories must have customer reviews. Potential customers often look at the review before they associate with a business. Reviews become that deciding factor which leads the potential customers to your doorstep. 

So, reviews, online directories, and other such tools help increase your local presence. They boost your local SEO efforts and also improve the search rankings.  In the end, you will have to make it easier for the customers to find your business. 



Increase your Community Involvement:

Your local community is one of the strongest mediums to promote your business. You must increase your community engagement. This can be done by attending to these community events. For instance, if there is a local fundraiser event, try becoming a sponsor to that event. This will let the local people know about your business. 



Creating a Customer Loyalty Program:  

A customer loyalty program is one of the best methods for customer retention and acquiring new customers. A customer loyalty program should be able to deliver some value to the customers. 

Your customers should feel valued for their contribution to your business. It can be anything from initiating a points-based program, that can be redeemed to get more products or other types of rewards.  

If you want to add some fun elements in your program, try including some fun games for the program. Steps like these are important to retain the customers and ensure that they remain connected to your brand. 



Email Marketing:

Get emails, get emails, and get emails from your customers. Even today Email Marketing is one of the most underrated advertising and sales techniques that you can use. 

To grow your email list, you first have to build your customer loyalty program so that more and more people are aware of your business. Also, you will have to build some share of the market and develop your SEO. 

Once you have gathered a considerable number of emails, you can start promoting your products and business via email marketing. You can create email campaigns that are targeted directly towards specific customers.

In this, always remember that your emails must provide some value to the customers. You have to set such titles that are clickable and openable. 

In this the first task is that you start building an email list right away. Use different methods to collect emails. Just like in the above-given methods, when you sponsor an event in your city, make sure that you get the people to share their emails. 



Traditional Marketing Methods:

No, the traditional method of marketing has not completely faded away. There are still some methods that you can use to promote your business.

Giving your ad in the newspaper is one of the best ways to promote your local business even though it is not very popular today. Moreover, you can give your ads to the local radio stations.

Local marketing efforts may not reap a lot of benefits, but they can get you an introduction with the residents of the city. Combined with these local methods and then building your online presence, you can develop your business and get cracking in the local market. 



Promoting your business seems like a big task. But if you have the right tools and execute them correctly, you will find a very smooth and streamlined transition from one spot to another. 

However, the key is to use these methods in the right manner. Overstressing on one strategy won’t be enough. You will have to use the right mix of all these methods to gain the maximum traction in the least time. 

So, start working to build a cumulative strategy today and find out the correct combination of all of these methods. In the end, you will want to acquire new customers and retain the existing customers simultaneously.