7 Post-Lockdown Marketing Trends with Tips & Tools to Succeed


The year 2020 hasn’t been so good for anyone of us. Marketing trends can up and down but this COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world while affecting both health and the economy. Businesses around the world were shut down for almost a quarter of the year, and now they are formulating new techniques to come back to the market.

Apart from being unfair to the world, the pandemic has also helped businesses realize new ways to market their brand.

So let’s review some of those best marketing trends that can help you regain your business market post lockdown. 



Marketing Trends: Evolution of Voice Input

As COVID-19 is highly contagious, everyone tends to keep there hands sanitized and refrain from touching other surfaces. This has made people highly dependent on voice commands.

And this where our first marketing trend is born. As per Google, 20% of web searches are voice commands. These are leveraged highly by people during the pandemic for web surfing and will probably stay for long in the coming time. Hence, it is a good trend to foster leads.

How to benefit from this trend?

Well, most users search for what is required in the form statements instead of specific words. Hence, it will be beneficial for you if you focus on long-tail conversational keywords. These keywords are mostly questions that users ask virtual assistants.

You can expand your keyword database by including phrases that are used in the everyday life of the users while searching. Make sure you include these keywords in website elements like:

  • Product reviews
  • How-to guides.
  • Informational guides and manuals.

The mining of effective keywords is essential to get the maximum benefit from this trend. You can use Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and various other tools for drilling down the potential keywords.


Marketing Trends: Focussing on online user experience

Due to lock down on a global scale, people have become more reliant on online resources for their requirements. The same is the case with businesses.

During this lockdown period, many businesses, like retail firms, have integrated ingenious features to their websites. Some of those are:

  • Virtual room tours
  • Online tutoring
  • Video interviewing and conferencing
  • Video product reviews
  • Takeout and delivery options

These methods have helped firms enhance user experience and retain their customer base. These innovative methods have also been adopted quickly by users.

How to benefit from this trend?

Well, if you have not included any of this in your business, it is time to give your competitors a cut-throat competition. For doing this, you will need a tool, and there is one that will be perfect for this.

Harness Google My Business to get hands-on such tools. As per recent updates, Google has added a few more experiences to Google My Business that are:

  • Online care
  • Online appointment
  • Online estimates
  • Online classes

You can garner the one that fits your business niche. Do this by going to your GMB profile and adding these experiences.


  • Workforce management

To prevent the spreading of the pandemic, social distancing is maintained by all businesses. So a lot of business workforces have started working remotely.

This has increased the reliance of people on online platforms for work and performance management.

How to benefit from this trend?

If you have an in-house team for SEO or any other business niche, it is essential for you to get the tool that can help you manage your workforce and track their performance. For your SEO business, you need an innovative digital marketing platform.  

It will not only provide you with marketing tools but will also offer you task management and collaboration tools. You can also set goals and restrictions in the tool.

For doing this, you can leverage tools like Google Search Console, Google Disavow tool, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google My Business.


  • Local vendors for businesses

Due to the global lockdown, business chains have been disrupted since they don’t have any overseas shipment services. 

This has led to a dependency of business firms on local vendors. Many of them are looking for local vendors for raw material.

How to benefit from this trend?

Well, this trend requires an immediate response. You need to be quick in getting in touch with the businesses to build long term partnerships. And as the businesses are in need of vendors like you, you can also provide them with profitable offers.

To harness leads faster, you can start a PPC campaign. You can use the tool Google Ads to take care of all your marketing needs.



  • Consumers to take short term decisions


Many people are frustrated as they have opted for yearly service, and now they are not getting any because of the pandemic. Due to this, people are focussed on making simpler decisions and opting for limited-time subscriptions.

How to benefit from this trend?

Well, the key to benefit from this trend is competitor analysis. Find out about your competitors in your business niche and know the keywords and phrases used by them.

Post this analysis, formulate a better yet profitable offer and pitch that to your customers. A unique offer will help you distinguish yourself from others.

You can use tools like:

  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Advanced Search Operators

Apart from these, there are many other tools to find out about your competitors.


  • Bars and Salons to compete aggressively


As things are improving a bit, bars and salons are reopening for business. They are also attracting customers. So, this is the best time to regain your customer base while also boosting your outreach.

How to benefit from this trend?

If you are a bar or salon owners, it is necessary for you to include all your branches to your Google My Business account. Add the relevant NAP information to the pages.

This will help in improving your local SEO ranking and foster customers for your business.

Google My Business account is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs.



  • Change in travel demands

The transportation sector has also experienced a hard hit due to COVID-19. And as things are getting a bit normal day by day. The sector is slowly recovering, but people are avoiding overseas travel.

Most people are considering local travel instead of overseas. Hence, if you have a travel firm, focus on adding local travel destinations for the users. It will help you harness more traffic to your business website.

For this, you can use Google Keyword Planner for deep keyword insight, competitor analysis, and SEO.



In a nutshell, we can say that there are a number of marketing trends that can help your business afloat amid these tough market conditions. However, you need to have the proper strategy and tools to implement these marketing trends. All of those potential tools are mentioned in the respective trends.