There’s one thing about SEO proposals—they come in different forms, but getting good and quality work is a challenge. As most of the industries out there, there are a number of things that you need to consider when trying to find the best deal, the same as when it comes to SEO optimization proposals.

At first glance, most SEO proposals often look similar and reasonable. But, understanding what you need to look for makes it easier for you when choosing the best SEO proposal for you, as well as for your business.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the things that should assist you in selecting the best SEO proposal, from the list that has lots of SEO proposals that might cost you a fortune but fail to deliver results when it comes to SEO.

How do you differentiate a bad SEO proposal from a good one?

One thing about a good SEO proposal is that it should give you the power to select the best keyword from the selection given by the SEO expert. So, how do you know that the SEO proposal you are getting is not legit?

  1. Gives you a guarantee – there is no SEO company that can guarantee you that you will rank on the first page—no matter the strategy they have at hand. Mostly, the guarantee can be complex, and in favor of the search engine optimization service provider. In addition to this, it can also be based on very low-competition keywords that can direct no useful online traffic—even when you’ve ranked on the first page of major SERPs.
  2. Doesn’t give you any meaningful details – as an SEO shopper, you should be definitely wary of SEO proposals that don’t give you some details about the scope and type of the work that should be completed as part of that SEO campaign. For instance, if the proposal doesn’t include Link Development, you should get a detailed explanation giving you different types of approaches to be utilized in that particular strategy.
  3. Come with a set of packages – at times, the proposal will come with a definite set of packages for you to choose from—and in some cases, these packages won’t even meet your needs. Although the package options can make the process of selecting the services much easier by giving you an upfront price for the search engine optimization services that you will get, at times, they will fail to address the needs of every individual business. Customization of SEO services is a key aspect of the SEO process, as it can assist in preventing you from overpaying for the services that you don’t need—or having an aggressive campaign that doesn’t match the competition in your industry.
  4. Uses rankings as a measure of success – this might seem unreasonable, especially since the main point of search engine optimization is to improve your rankings. However, when subsequent traffic and rankings aren’t accompanied by conversions, the SEO campaign will definitely fail. A successful SEO campaign must have several key performance indicators (KPIs), which include traffic, ranking, conversions, time-on-site, as well as ROI evaluations—which ensure that the funds that you’ve invested in the SEO strategy have a positive ROI.
  5. Emphasizes on link development only – an SEO strategy that entirely depends on link development will definitely fail. Although links are an essential fact of ranking improvements, they will not give you sustainable and stable ranking improvements if they lack the support of a proper SEO strategy that’s supported by a content strategy.

Bottom Line

If you put all these possible pitfalls into consideration, it will be much easier for you to avoid getting into an SEO contract that will end up being a waste for your money. In case you are not sure about the SEO proposals you are currently receiving, kindly contact us today, and we shall gladly assist you in evaluating the details of that proposal.