Today, there’s a number of SEO services that offer different solutions for ranking solutions for web ranking, as well as deficiencies. If you own or manage a website, you will need one or more of these solutions, but it will also depend on your goals and objectives. Here are some of the SEO services that you might need for your website.

SEO Audit

SEO website audits come in different levels of complexity and detail. A basic website can be very brief, just a few pages long, and can address obvious on-page problems like lack of web page content and missing titles. A comprehensive SEO audit, on the other hand, comprises several pages—even over a hundred pages for larger sites—and covers even the smallest issues of a website, which have the potential of negatively affecting the ranking of that website.

However, an SEO audit should cover the basics of SEO at the primary levels. With a basic SEO audit, you should expect to get a comprehensive guide, for not only resolving minor issues in your site that are not friendly to search engines, but also a guide to for going past addressing these issues, and making visible improvements in several sections like link development, content, as well as your overall organic search strategy.

Although having a website that’s search engine friendly is the first essential step towards improving the ranking of your website, you cannot be guaranteed that your website rankings will improve after implementing all the recommendations that you get from an SEO audit. What you need to note is that SEO results require a lot of time to be visible and need constant maintenance and attention for them to give stable and reliable rankings.

This is what you should expect from an SEO audit

Technical Audit

A technical audit determines the technical problems that a site might have, and this includes incorrect canonicals, missing SSL certificates, as well as slow website speeds, among others. These elements have the potential of affecting the rankings or even the potential ranking of your website.

Content Audit

It assesses the content in your site in relation to the keywords used in the content to rank the web page. Mostly, an SEO content audit includes a guide, as well as recommendations about content improvement and future growth.

Sitemap Audit

This is essential for larger sites, particularly directory and eCommerce sites. Every site has a crawl budget with search engines like Google, and having a streamlined sitemap can assist the sites in getting the essential pages crawled and updated continually.

Structural HTML Audit

This is a part of an SEO audit that determines the problems on the on-site HTML elements that can directly affect SEO. Some of these issues include headings, title tags, and internal links, among others, even though these are the most essential. A Structural HTML audit helps in identifying the issues, and then makes recommendations for possible improvements.

On-Page SEO Services

Also known as on-site SEO services, on-page SEO optimization is the process of executing the important changes once an SEO audit recommends them. Mostly, the website owner implements these changes—if they have the ability to do that, or they can engage an SEO company to implement the changes on their behalf.

On-site SEO services should be included in all SEO packages, as this is the foundation where a successful SEO campaign should be based on. On-page SEO services address a number of important basics related to SEO, like headings, page titles, content & content organization, as well as internal link structure.

Just like an SEO website audit, their on-page SEO services can either be basic or comprehensive. The most basic on-site optimization campaign, for example, can include a one-time project that includes implementing the recommendations given by an SEO audit. Mostly, this type of SEO audit targets the home page, as well as other key pages on the website. Comprehensive SEO campaigns, on the other hand, rely on the results of a comprehensive SEO audit and monitors results when guiding the ongoing changes to the on-site optimization.

Although on-site projects don’t need to be constantly updated—especially when the website has new content, SEO experts recommend that the website, together with its content to be updated on a regularly to find and address any possible issues that might develop as a result of changes and updates of the website.

This is what you should expect from on-page SEO services

Content Tweaks and Optimization

After keyword research and selection, the content is normally optimized properly for the keywords to fit in well. These keywords will then give content prominence in different ways, like formatting, internal linking, and placement.

Internal Link Optimization

Mostly, an existing internal link structure can be improved, or a new one can be developed to show the importance of the relevant keywords used. This is done to guide search engine crawlers to find the most relevant content.

Tag Optimization

There are different HTML tags that are used to create a web page, and these tags can be optimized to highlight the main keywords on a site. Some of the important tags include headings, titles, and images.

Navigation Optimization

A website’s navigation structure does not only helps website users, but it’s also an essential tool that allows search engine crawlers to crawl the site properly. Thus, it’s important for websites to have a well-formatted and well-designed navigational menu.

SEO Content Development

This is the process of developing website content, which can be in a number of different formats, like texts (articles, essays, whitepapers, research documents, glossaries, and tutorials) web tools, searchable databases, PDFs, and infographics (information graphics), among others. As you might have seen, the normal definition of web content, that is articles, doesn’t apply anymore, since we have different types of web content today. Also, it’s important to note that not every form of web content will be suitable for your site—as the content that you create will depend on your niche.

SEO content can also be misleading. The SEO content that can positively affect the friendliness of a search engine should be described as high-quality SEO content, which should make the process of acquiring and earning links easier.

When searching for content to boost your SEO efforts, it’s essential to search for high-quality content, and most importantly, search for people with the ability to assist you in developing such content. Search for just SEO content can lead you to find content stuffed with keywords, but without the quality needed.

This is where the services of SEO content developers come in, where they don’t take shortcuts when creating content, and will not assure you to expect your content to perform magic. One thing that you should know is that you will definitely find a well-researched, written, interesting, and valuable content, which will capture the attention of readers. Such kind of content is essential when it comes to laying the foundation for your link building campaigns.

This is what you should expect from SEO content development services

Textual Content

Also, known as basic text, it’s the most common type of web content, and it’s the form of text that can be read and interpreted easily by search engines. The content development process relies on the finding of a web content audit to fill in the areas of a website that lack strong content.

Images and Infographics

In some cases, graphics and images are essential when developing a website’s visual content, and one of the most engaging forms of visual content is infographics, as they relay large quantities of information in a brief and entertaining visual package.

Product Copy

This should be able to sell, as well as take care to describe products a way that machines (search engines and algorithms) can understand better.

Optimized Blog Posts

Not every content can fit in the part of a website, and that’s where blog posts come in. When optimized well, blog posts play an essential role when it comes to targeting long-tail keywords that cannot fit into the main part of the site.

Link Development

This is one of the most controversial topics that are mostly written and discussed in the SEO industry. Today, link building has become one of an essential component of any SEO campaign, and it’s the most expensive (especially with good quality links) and time-consuming part of SEO. However, today, you’ll find some SEO service providers who provide cheap link building services with the aim of attracting and impressing potential clients.

Some of these practices include submitting large-volume directories, like 100 blog links each month, or content development and submissions that lead to very poor quality content being published. Therefore, is you realize that an SEO service provider is giving you a quotation of around $500 each month, for services that comprise of large volumes of blog posts, articles, directory submissions, as well as forum/blog comments, you will be wasting your money when you sing-in to their services. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get links for just $500 a month—but these will not be high-quality links.

There is one thing about good quality link development—it puts more emphasis on quality instead of development. A relevant and well-researched link is more valuable than thousands of free directory submissions.

The basics of link building are, and will always be based on good quality, that is, useful, interesting, educational, and entertaining content. If your site doesn’t have good content on your site that users can link to, it can be a challenge to convince them to link to the site.

This is what you should expect from link development

Earned Mentions

Interesting or controversial content will definitely get mentions, and any link or mention that’s not actively sought or solicited is considered to be an earned mention. This is the best link to gain, as it proves that you’ve got the job done on your site, and you have delivered valuable and good information.

Outbound Solicitations

At times, it’s always a good idea to give earned mentions some momentum. New websites or websites that haven’t been maintained for a while might need outbound link solicitations to highlight the valuable and useful content that’s being created a part of the SEO services.

Competitive Parity Outreach

This is another essential part that’s needed in link development. You cannot be at a perfect parity with your competitors, but striving to get some edge in link profiles can prove to be a worthwhile exercise.

Presence Mentions

Participating in panels, writing articles, and giving interviews is another amazing way of earning links. This value propagation and outbound presence can earn you high-quality links and also give you the benefit of positive exposure in your niche.

Code Optimization

This is the service that you should expect at the top levels of SEO services, and it involves the process of changing the HTML of your website. Optimizing your HTML can affect your SERP rankings in two different ways:

  1. It can assist in alleviating code-clutter, and then present your content in a format that’s easy to understand (for search engine algorithms).
  2. It can assist in reducing your website’s load time, which prevents search engine crawlers from waiting too long for your page to load.

A comprehensive SEO campaign should have all the elements that we have mentioned above. In addition to this, it should also incorporate other essential services like ranking reports, keyword research, conversion tracking, as well as traffic report.