Top 7 SEO Tools And Their Alternatives To Harness More Traffic From Google

Biggest question everyone has, how do I get in the top Google results? Well, that’s a loaded question as you need to do a lot to get there. And most of it is played by your web content. Top 7 SEO Tools can help you to get more traffic from google. However, creating content is also not a cakewalk. Keywords, Tags, Competitors, etc. add up to create a long list of variables that you need to take care of. 

This may seem like a big job, but with the right tools in hand, you can make it pretty easy for yourself. Here are some of the best SEO tools that you can use to foster traffic.

Here are the best 7 SEO tools below:


KWFinder is an awesome tool for your SEO needs. It provides you with a list of keyword suggestions that you can use as per the deciding factors.

The tool is not just limited to the suggesting keywords, but it also informs you about their search volume, CPC, and their popularity over time. With this, you can filter the essential keywords and embed them into your content.

The pricing of the various plans of KWFinder varies from $49 – $129 per month, with 100-1200 keywords a day.

If you don’t want to spend much on the keyword research part, you can leverage the power of some other free tools online like:

Tool Use
UberSuggest This is another keyword research tool that can be used to search for potential keywords for your web content.
Answer the public This tool is best fit to look into some of the frequently asked questions related to a certain keyword, word, or topic. Apart from this, you can also get categories related to the word like questions, comparisons, prepositions, etc.
Keyword Sheeter The tool is best for searching low volume keywords. It also charges for further deep research about those keywords.
Keyword Eye Another keyword research tool that you can use to hunt for potential keywords. You can take a free trial of 7 days on it.
WordStream You can harness the power of this tool by just entering the keyword or website URL along with the industry and location.


Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density is another crucial factor that decides your rank in the Google search results. Now, the term keyword density actually means how many times the keyword appears on your web page content.

This is essential to note as over stuffing may mess with your rank in the search results. For that, the Keyword Density Checker tool from small SEO tools is the best one for you. You can add content up to 2000 words in that tool, and it will filter out some of the most prevalent keywords for you.

From this, you can look into the density of keywords and if they are overstuffed or not. If yes, you can control the overuse of keywords in your content to avoid penalties. All these great features are available for free.

Although the Keyword Density Checker is an absolutely free tool, there are many other alternatives to it. You can also choose from:

Tool Use
Word Counter This is another tool similar to the Keyword Density Checker. It is different in only one way that it allows for inserting more words as compared to just 2000.
INM’s Optimization Tool Other than keyword density, you can also check links, source code, headers, and meta information of your page.
Totheweb title and meta description checker The totheweb online tool is best for analyzing the look and quality of your page title and meta description. 
Seoscout Google SERP Simulator This tool is the best fit for checking the search results based on the title and meta description that you enter. 



Grammarly is an essential SEO tool that helps the user to make the content grammatically correct and error-free. Using Grammarly, you can set your writing style targetted towards a specific audience for achieving much better results. 

Grammarly has amazing proofreading capabilities that can make the content more engaging for a customer. Your website also gains authority only when the information on the website is unique and free from plagiarism. 

So basically, the tool is ideal for making your content perfect for your webpage. Grammarly is available at $29.95/month, but you can also get the free version of the tool that has some basic features. For advanced content analysis, go for the premium version.

Some better alternatives to Grammarly are:

Tool Use
ProWritingAid The tool is an excellent replacement for Grammarly that delivers you mistake-free content at a much cheaper rate.
PaperRater PaperRater is an excellent alternative to Grammarly in the case of plagiarism checking. You can turn to this tool for free plagiarism check.
Copyscape Copyscape is an awesome tool for checking plagiarism, and you can also protect your content with their official logo. It is way better than Grammarly but also costs you $4.95 per month for 10 pages.
Ginger Apart from checking grammatical errors in your content, Ginger can also help you translate your content into 40 available languages.
SpellCheckPlus You can refer to this tool for vocabulary help.


SEMrush Writing Assistant

The Writing Assistant from SEMrush is perfect for an overall check on your webpage content. Now, all you need to do is enter the potential keywords and enter the text you have written. You can also write the text in the tool itself. The tool will perform an analysis to check your text based on four parameters, such as SEO, Originality, Readability, and Tone of Voice.

Based on the analysis, the tool will provide you with suggestions to improve your content. This way, you can add or remove the things that can hamper your ranking in the Google SERPs. It will also suggest additional keywords that you can add to enhance your content quality.

You can access some basic features of the writing assistant for free. But, if you need an advanced way to improve your content, you can go for the premium plan, which is worth $199.95/month. It will provide you in-depth SEO data and suggestions.


WebSite Auditor’s Content Editor

The Content Editor tool is a master tool that takes care of everything from keywords, titles, to competitor check. All you need to do is enter the content, and you will see pointers related to various SEO parameters.

The tool will provide you assistance in writing the best title and meta description for your webpage. Not only this, but you will also get to know what your competitors are writing. You can improve your content based on the comparison. 

The tool informs you about the correct usage of the keywords and it also provides you a list of competitors. You will also get to know about the on-page SEO issues so that you can improve them at hand.

The WebSite Auditor’s Content Editor tool is available for free.


Yoast Real-Time Content Analysis

Yoast is a free web content editing plugin that you can use for perfecting your online content. It is a cloud-based service that can help you curate error-free, SEO friendly content powerful enough to hit you high in the Google ranking.

You can foster the power of real-time content analysis to create stimulating titles and meta descriptions for your pages. You can also check how they will look in the Google SERPs.

Packed with some other powerful tools like these, Yoast Real-Time Content Analysis is one of the best overall tools for checking and creating powerful SEO content.

The best thing about the Yoast Real-Time Content Analysis plugin is that it is free. You don’t need to pay anything to use it. Some SEO tools and plugin is awesome.


Hemingway App

Hemingway is another ingenious tool that you can use to create readable content. It is possible that your content has some monotonous statements or use of passive voice. This needs to be removed to make your content easy to read and understand.

The Hemingway app, which is also an online tool helps you discover lengthy and tough to understand statements. It also suggests you adverbs for a replacement along with the use of passive voice. The Hemingway app uses an awesome color-coding interface to inform you about the errors in your text.

This helps in easily understanding of the errors and their rectification. You can use the Hemingway app for free, or you can opt for the desktop version for $19.99.

Some potential alternatives to Hemingway are:

Tool Use
Slick Write Just like Grammarly, Slick Write is also a grammar-check tool. It also suggests vocabulary words to make your content attractive. One drawback of this tool is that it does not allow real-time editing.
Read-able This readability test tool helps you in making your content readable for your audience. It helps you in identifying long statements and making them meaningful.  
Airstory Airstory is yet another content creation and verification tool that you can use for checking the readability of the content.
Language Tool The Language Tool is last in the list of readability checking tools. The best thing about the tool is that it can be added as an extension in your chrome browser.



The only key to heavy traffic on your website is powerful SEO content. And until now, you must have got an idea that it is not a walk in the park. You need to analyze a lot of factors to make sure that your content is highly stimulating. SEO focused content also helps the search engines to know about your page and its relevance. So, harness the power of the tools and create supreme content for your website to be in the top Google results.