Top Affiliate Programs For Beginners


Being financially independent is the best sort of freedom in life. And if you are a truly hardworking person, then no one can stop you from getting it. But to get the best out of your hard work, you need to invest time in something that yields high and guaranteed results. Affiliate Marketing is the best thing to put your mind to.


Among the various means to make money online, Affiliate Marketing is one of the most legitimate ways. Now, what is Affiliate Marketing? Read ahead to know!


What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

The sole concept of an Affiliate Marketing Program is earning a commission by promoting products and services. An Affiliate marketer serves as a bridge between the client and the business owner. 


For example, you might have seen some review articles on the web related to various products like beds, phones, and other accessories. Now, the owner of that website attaches a product link in the article. When any user on the web reads the review and buys the product by clicking on that link. Some part of the product price goes to the owner of that website as a commission. In this way, the owner of the website earns a reward for promoting the product.


Pretty cool, right? Now, if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, there are a plethora of Affiliate Marketing programs on the web. We will take a look at the top 7 Affiliate Marketing programs that you can join today and learn everything from scratch.


Essential Qualities Of A Good Affiliate Marketing Program

Before proceeding with the different programs, you need to be aware of some crucial factors to look for in a program. Obviously, all of them would not be the same; hence, you need to choose the one that has all the essential qualities. Here are some of them:


  1. Look for popularity

The very first thing that you need to check in an Affiliate Marketing program is its popularity. It is pretty obvious that people will not go and shop somewhere that is not popular. For example, Amazon is a big brand, and if you join an Amazon Affiliate Program. There is no one who can stop you from being successful if you do your part right.

  1. Check the number of products

As a beginner, you should know that more the products you promote, more will be your commission. And this will not be possible if the program you join has less number of products. Make sure that the Affiliate program you join has multiple products for you to promote.

  1. Ease of use

While choosing an affiliate program to join, make sure that it is easy to use. Most of the Affiliate programs offer a free trial, which will be best for you to know its functionality.


Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Programs

Let’s cut to the chase and study the various Affiliate Marketing Programs.


Click Funnels

Click Funnels has all the required features of a good Affiliate Marketing program. The best thing about the ClickFunnels affiliate program is that it is a direct affiliate program. This means that it is not hosted on any other website like Amazon, eBay, etc. It is an independent affiliate site.

 If we talk about the features of Click Funnels, they are:


  • High Commissions: Click Funnels created by Russell Brunson offers you a 40 percent commission for a single sale. Not only for one month, but it is recurring, which means you will get it every month. Imagine having ten customers; you can make a minimum of $400 if each sale is $100. You can choose among various plans offered by them on their official website.
  • Sticky Cookie: This feature helps in tracking the product purchased by the customer and rewards you in return. No matter how many products the customer purchases, with the sticky cookie, you will get rewards for all.
  • Affiliate Training: To help you better, Click Funnels also provides you a free Affiliate training course. This will help you promote ClickFunnels and earn.
  • Reputation: Apart from all the functional features, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is also a reputed one.  The company is self-funded and has grown exponentially since its inception.


Commission Junction

Counted in some of the top Affiliate Marketing Program, Commission junction (now CJ Affiliates) has a wide network of merchants. With this thing known, it is easy to assume that you will have various opportunities to earn more. The CJ Affiliate also has:


  • Solid Reputation: Founded way back in 1998 by Lex Sisney, Todd Crawford, and Per Pettersen, the marketing network is one of the oldest and reputed ones.
  • Real-time Reporting: CJ Affiliate always keeps you updated with the latest changes that happen on your account with the Steller Real-time reporting.
  • Cookieless Tracking:  The tracking of the products purchased by the user along with rewarding the affiliate is done without a CJ cookie across all the devices.
  • Free to sign up: Just like the other affiliate networks, it is free to set up your account on it.
  • All types of firms: The good thing about Commission Junction is that it has all types of firms, whether it is big or small. This gives you a lot of choices to opt from.
  • Varying Commission Rates: As described above that the platform has all types of firms. It is pretty obvious that commission rates will vary. The range of commission rates is between 2 – 25% on Commission Junction.



Earlier known as Impact Radius, Impact has a mixture of both small and big companies. When you look at the list of the companies that the platform has, you will see some of them that are not even popular. On the other hand, it also has partnerships with various giants like Credit Karma, EBates, GROUPON, Forbes, Spotify, and many more.


  • Comprehensive Tracking: Impact has a multi-layer tracking system that deals with cookie blocking. Impact makes sure that if a cookie is blocked, the conversion does not go to the fraudulent person.
  • Commission Rates: Based on the level of the company, the rates of commission vary. The commission rates can vary between 7 – 40% based on the merchant.
  • Fraud Protection: The fraud protection system of the Impact platform takes absolute care of those who try to manipulate cookies and inject clicks to earn conversion benefits. The machine learning algorithms of the platform helps to safeguard your earnings at all times.


Amazon Associates

Clearly, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, so it is not possible that they will not have an associate program. Now, Amazon being the retailer giant, has various features that keep on updating from time to time. Some of them are:


  • A plethora of products: The best thing about Amazon Associates is that you will get a lot of products, we mean a countless number of products to promote. This will increase your chances of earning more.
  • Trustworthy: Amazon serves billions of people around the world; hence, there is nothing to say against its trustworthiness.
  • Commissions: Though Amazon has a lot of products under the belt, the commission rates are a bit less ( range from 1-10%). But with the promotion of the right products, you can make high earnings. You can also earn extra commissions if the customer purchases more products apart from that is suggested.
  • Easy Startup Process: Amazon provides good software to link your website or blog. Moreover, you also get various widgets along with other relevant resources.



Well, if you are a beginner and looking to venture into Affiliate Marketing, it is best to start with ShareAsale. The company is absolutely legit and has been doing fair and honest business for two decades now. Their commission rates lie between 5 – 20%. Let us take a look at some of its features:


  • Wide Network: The most attractive feature of the ShareASale is that it has many choices (over 3900) in the case of merchants. You also should not be afraid of joining as it already has 700,000 affiliates on the network.
  • Real-time tracking: Be relaxed related to the delivery of the commission. Everything on ShareASale is timely tracked, and taken care of.
  • Link Multiple Sites: You have multiple sites? No issue. The Store connect feature of ShareASale allows you to keep everything in one account. Though the commissions earned will be separate
  • API: ShareASale has an affiliate API that lets you pull reports, and search for merchants. You can also look for products linked with the use of API.
  • Custom Links: Create custom short links and deep link them directly to the products. These will be helpful for use on social media.



Counted among the best Affiliate Marketing Programs, ClickBank is best for digital products like softwares, tutorials, and eBooks. It has over 6 million digital products distributed among 20 categories. Moreover, other features that make it stand out from others are:


  • Attractive Commissions: Believe it or not, ClickBank can offer you up to 75% commission on your one sale. Not only this, but you can also earn recurring commission every month with monthly active customers.
  • Pretty easy to get started: The initial setup of ClickBank does not require any upfront fees. All you need to have is a valid tax ID, cookies enabled in your browser, and your country name on the eligibility list.
  • Comprehensive training: Though ClickBank takes $49 from you for the course. Their highly experienced affiliates will provide you all the info to make a fortune on ClickBank.
  • Products: Most of the products on ClickBank are not branded, so you need to find the product you want to promote more carefully.
  • Penalties: ClickBank also charges you penalties for not earning on the network or for a dormant account. They charge a $1/day penalty after 90 days of no earnings, $5/day after 180 days, and $50/day after 360 days.



The last in the list is JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Program. It was founded in 2011, and since then, it has helped both vendors and affiliates to earn money online. It has been listed in Inc 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies. The features of this growing affiliate program are:


  • Commissions: The JVZoo platform has thousands of products that you can promote. You can even earn a 100% commission on some of the front end products.
  • Recurring Payments: Just like other platforms, the JVZoo also provides you with recurring benefits provided, your referral is a regular customer.
  • Free to Join: The program does not require any upfront fee for joining. It is completely free of cost.
  • Multiple Payments tools: Want to withdraw your payment? No worries, you can get it done by using PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap, Authorize, and even JVZoo pay.
  • Products: This feature is a bit downside of JVZoo. It has all types of products, including good, bad and even rubbish. Hence, you might need to search a bit to find good products.


Final Words

Thinking about joining one of the above Affiliate Marketing Programs? To be very clear, before joining any of it, make a note of all the upsides and downsides of the program. There are many hidden features, both good and bad, that you may find later. Hence, be on the safe side and analyze carefully. As per our opinion, join the program that has multiple products like Amazon Associates, ClickFunnels, and Commission Junction. Also, consider the commissions offered by the program. Don’t always go for a high commission. Look for a variety of products; if it is more, then you can also settle for a medium commission. If both the number of products and commission is high, then will be a cherry on the cake for you.